Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Out on the edge

Out on the edge of the prairie
  where the brown bunchgrasses
     overlook green alfalfa fields
and the view is filled over 200 degrees
  with the span of the Wallowas
a low hill has a small ring of rocks.
What a location to sit and ponder
   of time and traditions and
yet... the crustose lichens lie thick
  on the up-turned faces of these stones
waiting still for one to come again.
A perfect perch on the edge
  of the wolf highway, where stars
     fill the sky and mind
to wait for a vision, to craft a tale,
   to consider what to pass on
to "the-people" who are yet to come.
What use did this site serve,
  what contemplation found field here,
     what stories lie buried, fed to the wind
as if... previous use might add value
  to what yet lies exposed and open
to the questing mind... and heart.
Ralph Anderson, Entry #25